My take on Trump and NFL “Controversy”

If you are alive in America, even if you don’t watch or read any news like me, you probably have heard that some athletes took a knee during national anthem during one of the NFL matches. To an outsider like me, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but i think genius of our president is how he managed to hype this thing so much that it is seen more importantly as issues that are way more important and actually require our attention. But Trump doesn’t have resources to solve those problems, so he tries to hype up bs controversies like this to cover his tracks. I don’t like the man and especially what he’s doing, but you have to give it to him – he understands psychology of a crowd and knows how to manipulate them to get what he wants.

 Now, my personal take on the issue is that i don’t care. I appreciate what these athletes stand for (maybe wrong choice of words?) but importance of this is blown way out of proportion. There are way more effective ways to change the current situation than simply protest, but at least, it’s a start. And i think everyone should have reacted the same way as me – appreciate the gesture, as it inflicts on totally valid issue, and move on to enjoy the game. But Trump has made it into another issue to divide American people. The argument conservatives use goes like this – black people are not grateful for the treatment they’re getting, which is complete nonsense. First of all, why would they be grateful for equal treatment when everyone is entitled to it? That is sign of deep rooted racism that still exists in America. If you plan to go ice fishing, check out this ice fishing shelter guide on

 But it’s worth noting that i think it’s hilarious and hypocritical to hear semi-criminal rappers condemning police shootings. I think they are one of the reasons why black people are seen as dangerous and violent, and getting busted for illegal drug ownership certainly doesn’t help their case. Now, it’s a little bit funny when these people try to resolve the problem that they themselves created or, at least supported its growth.

 All in all, all we can do now is to take it for another three or so years, and do our best to show up next time and elect someone who knows what he or she is doing. 

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