My humble opinion on conspiracy theories

I feel like popularity of conspiracy theories have really risen with growth of internet and people’s access to it. Perhaps, sitting bored by the computer ignites that interest, or it might be that humans generally enjoy hearing legend-like stories as it has ties to our past as cavemen. But to be honest, i don’t know what it is, all i know is that it’s very believable and if you’re not deeply knowledgeable about the topics (be it economy or business), you will be easily fooled by them. Personally, i’m not super annoyed by conspiracy theories and people who believe in them, but sometimes they go too far and spew off all kinds of bs to other people, and this misinformation spreads so far that it becomes common knowledge. Good example of this is Hillary Clinton being a criminal, devil or whatever else they’ve been calling her. God, i’m not a supporter of her, but the way her mistakes were blown out of proportion is truly amazing. It’s really surprising to see how far human mind can go and accept obvious lie as facts when it suits it. Hatred on her was purely based on this, and it wasn’t even rational, as her mistakes weren’t as bad as, let’s say, Obama’s or Trump’s. But no, she was the one trying to establish monarchy and she was the one working for ‘establishment’. Which is another made up word for those people who think they’re the only ones enlightened with truth that others can’t see. Although, if you ever consider going ice fishing, definitely get one of these rods.

 But mainly i think the reason is the decline of economy. At first glance, these two might seem unrelate, but bear with me for a moment. Since the seventies, America’s economy has been stagnating and middle class people were the ones getting hit the hardest. And i don’t want to take sides on here, but the reason for decline of economy was the mistakes that mostly republican politicians made. And since they couldn’t take blame for their mistakes, they started to look for scapegoats, such as Rothschild family, who supposedly own more than trillion dollars worth of assets. It’s the same old tale that Hitler told germans to get them excited to confiscate properties of Jewish people, painting them as devils. So i think the source of all this is poverty, and by solving that, you can decrease number of people believeing in these silly theories. But it’s not the people that are the problem, but the choices they make.