My take on Trump and NFL “Controversy”

If you are alive in America, even if you don’t watch or read any news like me, you probably have heard that some athletes took a knee during national anthem during one of the NFL matches. To an outsider like me, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but i think genius of our president is how he managed to hype this thing so much that it is seen more importantly as issues that are way more important and actually require our attention. But Trump doesn’t have resources to solve those problems, so he tries to hype up bs controversies like this to cover his tracks. I don’t like the man and especially what he’s doing, but you have to give it to him – he understands psychology of a crowd and knows how to manipulate them to get what he wants.

 Now, my personal take on the issue is that i don’t care. I appreciate what these athletes stand for (maybe wrong choice of words?) but importance of this is blown way out of proportion. There are way more effective ways to change the current situation than simply protest, but at least, it’s a start. And i think everyone should have reacted the same way as me – appreciate the gesture, as it inflicts on totally valid issue, and move on to enjoy the game. But Trump has made it into another issue to divide American people. The argument conservatives use goes like this – black people are not grateful for the treatment they’re getting, which is complete nonsense. First of all, why would they be grateful for equal treatment when everyone is entitled to it? That is sign of deep rooted racism that still exists in America. If you plan to go ice fishing, check out this ice fishing shelter guide on

 But it’s worth noting that i think it’s hilarious and hypocritical to hear semi-criminal rappers condemning police shootings. I think they are one of the reasons why black people are seen as dangerous and violent, and getting busted for illegal drug ownership certainly doesn’t help their case. Now, it’s a little bit funny when these people try to resolve the problem that they themselves created or, at least supported its growth.

 All in all, all we can do now is to take it for another three or so years, and do our best to show up next time and elect someone who knows what he or she is doing. 

My humble opinion on conspiracy theories

I feel like popularity of conspiracy theories have really risen with growth of internet and people’s access to it. Perhaps, sitting bored by the computer ignites that interest, or it might be that humans generally enjoy hearing legend-like stories as it has ties to our past as cavemen. But to be honest, i don’t know what it is, all i know is that it’s very believable and if you’re not deeply knowledgeable about the topics (be it economy or business), you will be easily fooled by them. Personally, i’m not super annoyed by conspiracy theories and people who believe in them, but sometimes they go too far and spew off all kinds of bs to other people, and this misinformation spreads so far that it becomes common knowledge. Good example of this is Hillary Clinton being a criminal, devil or whatever else they’ve been calling her. God, i’m not a supporter of her, but the way her mistakes were blown out of proportion is truly amazing. It’s really surprising to see how far human mind can go and accept obvious lie as facts when it suits it. Hatred on her was purely based on this, and it wasn’t even rational, as her mistakes weren’t as bad as, let’s say, Obama’s or Trump’s. But no, she was the one trying to establish monarchy and she was the one working for ‘establishment’. Which is another made up word for those people who think they’re the only ones enlightened with truth that others can’t see. Although, if you ever consider going ice fishing, definitely get one of these rods.

 But mainly i think the reason is the decline of economy. At first glance, these two might seem unrelate, but bear with me for a moment. Since the seventies, America’s economy has been stagnating and middle class people were the ones getting hit the hardest. And i don’t want to take sides on here, but the reason for decline of economy was the mistakes that mostly republican politicians made. And since they couldn’t take blame for their mistakes, they started to look for scapegoats, such as Rothschild family, who supposedly own more than trillion dollars worth of assets. It’s the same old tale that Hitler told germans to get them excited to confiscate properties of Jewish people, painting them as devils. So i think the source of all this is poverty, and by solving that, you can decrease number of people believeing in these silly theories. But it’s not the people that are the problem, but the choices they make.

Few ways dating early in your life can negatively affect your adulthood

So, before getting started, i want to give quick brief about myself – i’m a 31 year old programmer living in New York, working six figure job. You might think that’s a lot, but for New York, not quite. Anyway, let’s get to the point. I wanted to discuss how dating early in your life (before mid-twenties) can screw over rest of your life. I decided to write this because i had similar thing happen to me, and just found out that my brother is similar issues. So hopefully, curious young people out there will read this and act accordingly.

 First of all, i have nothing against getting sexual experience in your early life. I think as soon as kids reach sexual maturity, they should experience what it is like. Now that we have discussed that, i want to explain why i think serious dating in your early life is very bad idea. I think most of our learning process, about the world and our surroundings, happens during that time of life. And having someone wrong influencing you during that time, might have devastating results. It might be good influence as well, but i think every individual should decide for themselves what’s good and bad, and i value originality over copied good traits. I think there is no recipe for goodness, and it lies in individuality. Everyone should think and decide for themselves without any influencers. If you want ice fishing boots, you should be able to get one without any consequences.

 Another reason is that, many of life-altering decisions happen during that time of our lives. Kids choose the college and major when they’re just eighteen, and sometimes major part of that decision is human relationships – they want to be close with their friends or significant others. I’m not against having friends, because even though they do influence your decision, it’s not the same as girlfriend. You can go to different colleges that are few hour rides away and still manage to keep in touch. But you can’t do the same with girlfriends. She needs to be close to you, preferably in the same campus. So that sometimes plays major role in choosing college and i think that’s very wrong.  You should pick most important things that you want from college, and pick one that will satisfy all or most of your requirements. And just to be clear, i’m not going against love here, as 99% of young relationships don’t last anyway. And when it ends, like mine did, you’re left with a college and major that don’t meet your needs, and you have to live rest of your life with that. Or you can do it all over again, losing three years and tens of thousands of dollars of your life.

 Third reason is that maintaining relationship requires too much energy that could be used for more useful things. As mentioned earlier, early years is the only time when you have free time to pursue a lot of different things, without worrying about making a living or getting kicked out of your apartment. So you should use that time to acquire as many useful skills as possible, which can help you succeed in later part of your life.

Tips for making the best burgers for your family

Buying storebought ground-beef is a crap shoot. You are never quite certain as it had been earth, what portion of this cow it came out, and sometimes even the number of diverse cows have been from the package. Maybe not forgetting baddies such as E. coli, freshness difficulties, demanding handling, and tight shrinkwrap packaging which could cause leaden patties.

In case you’ve got a great supply of freshly ground beef that you expect, be certain that you request meat that is at least 20 percent fat. Otherwise, grinding your own steak can be the best course of action. When you have never done it earlier, the task might seem daunting initially, but just take it out of me personally: After you grind, then you can’t re-wind.

A heavyduty electrical meat grinder is more fantastic, however impractical if you don’t have a restaurant, or even search. I make use of the Kitchen-Aid attachment–together with accomplishment–but even a adequate hand-cranked version will send beef worlds easier compared to simply store-bought.

Until your hamburgers are wholly formed, heat is the deadly enemy. Warm fat is pliable and soft, and has a tendency to follow both own hands and work surfaces. Of course when this fat in both palms, then it ai not from the hamburger.

Despite outward appearances, soil meat isn’t dead. By the moment you put both hands about it, it’s changing dynamically, responding to each knead, each dot of salt, and every shift in temperatures. Running the beef unduly may make proteins to crosslink with eachother such as little pieces of Velcro, which makes your final hamburgers thicker and shinier as you man-handle the grind.

For the large tender hamburgers, grind your beef fresh, and shape your patties as tenderly as feasible. Superb.

Weighing your meat since you split it and measuring your own patties since you shape them will make sure that your entire hamburgers will probably soon be uniform in size and shape, which then will guarantee which they all cook at precisely the exact same pace. A climb and a fantastic eye would be whatever you could desire (although truly OCD, such as myself, will require a ruler too well).

However closely you select your beef blend, without pepper and salt, you are better off dining table with the King or the Clown, that, despite the significant flaws, atleast know that the main benefit of some tiny sodium chloride. Freshly ground black pepper in whole peppercorns is really a necessity–it’s a lot more flavorful than the insipid pre-ground powder.

I love to make use of it because its high crystals are simple to get with your palms. Begin with a massive pinch of kosher salt, and then hold it at least eight inches above the patties since you scatter to ensure even coverage.

In the long run, the distinction isn’t especially great, therefore there isn’t any requirement to really go mad. Who wishes to–or may–reverse a barbecue full of hamburgers constantly? But once you happen across a few of the backyard-grill folks who definitely insists any particular you reverse may be your best way to go, simply grin, laugh, and allow him to cook exactly the manner he wishes to.